To reach the Shadow Temple without the Nocturne of Shadow or Din's Fire in speedruns, runners get to the seam surrounding the walls of the graveyard and navigate it to above the stairs leading down to the Shadow Temple, and then sidehop over the trigger that loads the door that blocks the entrance to the dungeon.

1. Getting to the seam Edit

Method 1: Superslide Teleport Edit

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Advantages: Edit

Works as child and adult

Does not require the hookshot

Disadvantages: Edit

Requires sword, shield, and an explosive (preferrably a bombchu)

Method 2: Hookshot Jump Edit

2 frame window Hookshot Jump for Shadow Early

2 frame window Hookshot Jump for Shadow Early

This method uses the Hookshot Jump glitch through roll bonk invincibility:

Go to this spot by Dampé's house, and face towards the hookshot grave

[will add picture of initial position]

Sidehop right, then sideroll and hold forwards to bonk

During the bonk, mash hookshot. Link will pull his hookshot briefly and put it away over and over now.

On the third hookshot pull, you have two frames to press hookshot to hookshot jump. From there, hold down to land on the seam.

Go towards Shadow temple and ISG off the poe to make the seamwalk easier

Advantages: Edit

Does not require explosives, swingable weapon, or shield

Disadvantages: Edit

Fairly precise 2-frame input for hookshot button input that many runners may have to buffer

Only works as adult

Hookshot jumping takes some time to set itself up

2. Navigating the seam Edit

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3. Sidehop over the door loading zone Edit

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