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Speedrunning is a great way to add replay value to the games you love once they've been exhausted casually. Ocarina of Time in particular has built an enormous community of dedicated runners for many years. We've discovered endless glitches, tricks, sequence breaks, exploits and more leading to OoT being beautifully broken in ways no other game is. There's a running joke among OoT runners that says anything is possible in this game. As we discover new things, this has proven to be true. We can kill enemies by idly standing near them, we can clip through walls, float on thin air, warp from the first dungeon to the last, duplicate items, obtain light arrows in the deku tree, even literally write ones and zeros to our inventory to give ourselves new items. That barely scratches the surface. As you might expect, with so much to learn it can be an extremely daunting task for a new (or seasoned) runner to find the information they're looking for. This wiki intends to be the solution to that problem. Here you will be able to find route walkthroughs, explanations for how and why glitches work, how to perform tricks and more. OoT has never slowed down in its growing complexity, so our pages will always be a work in progress. Thanks for visiting, and congrats on joining the greatest speedrunning community out there!

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