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File:2 frame window Hookshot Jump for Shadow EarlyFile:70f32ce4baf08e522dab5e58f1f25ad0.pngFile:79a8a9db63cc9f8392e90185999d3692.png
File:B560f8231b16d511d1110c2a7c4c3517.pngFile:B70ab849b9e29db34177db16f806ff5e.pngFile:Bigocto Tutorial
File:Bottom of the Well Actor Glitch TutorialFile:C622b922549924db2048e8824f1f9e5b.pngFile:Communitylogo.png
File:Dfb8758912cc4d65d73198473cf2bcc2.pngFile:Distance Megaflip TutorialFile:Easier 231 Skip Setup
File:Easier 231 Skip Setup-0File:Easiest Quick Draw Bottle on B SetupFile:Easy Fire Tunic for Glitchless
File:Easy Setupless WeirdshotsFile:Example.jpgFile:ISG Infinite Sword Glitch Tutorial
File:Ledge Damage Boost in Death Mountain CraterFile:Lizalfos TutorialFile:Megaflip 1st enveloped wont work.png
File:Megaflip 1st standing wont work.pngFile:Megaflip Off Objects With Bombchus TutorialFile:Megaflip Off Torch With Bombchus
File:Megaflip With Bombchus TutorialFile:Megaflip tutorialFile:Mid-Air Damage Boost to Hyrule Castle
File:New type of hookshot jumpFile:No Buffer Weird Shot SetupFile:Ocarina of Time- Fire Temple Block Jump (Glitchless)
File:Ocarina of Time- Fire Temple Key Skip (Glitchless)File:Queen Gohma Boss Fight TutorialFile:Schrödinger's Chain Tutorial
File:Setup for Light Arrow in Forest TempleFile:Setup for Light Arrow in Forest Temple-0File:Setup for Light Arrow in Forest Temple-1
File:Shadow Temple Double Damage Boosts TutorialFile:Spirit Temple Actor Glitch TutorialFile:Volvagia Battle 1-3-3 Tutorial
File:Weird Shot SetupFile:Wiki-backgroundFile:Wiki.png