In Ocarina of Time, if Link is forced out of using the hookshot as it attaches to something, his momentum will be transferred upwards. This glitch is used to gain a lot of height.

Requirements for all methods: Edit


-A Hookshottable Surface

Method 1: Death Edit

Link dies as the hookshot collides with its target, and is shot upwards.

This is most notably used in Dodongo's Cavern to skip most of the dungeon up to obtaining Bombs.

Requires: Edit

Bottled fairy (assuming you want to survive the trick)

Source of damage

Method 2: Roll Invincibility Edit

New type of hookshot jump

New type of hookshot jump

Link bonks, and as he stands up pulls hookshot. He then has both his hookshot pull and idle animations running in parallel, and the hookshot pull only happens on a couple of frames of the idle animation, and afterwards pauses until those frames repeat. By hookshotting during the first hookshot animation frame, it gets inturrupted by the transition to idle, and you launch upwards.

This method is usually frame perfect, but with certain setups, can be made a 2-frame input.

This trick can be used to enter the Shadow Temple early.

This trick, along with the hammer, can be used to skip the Spirit Temple Boss Key.

Naming Controversy: Edit

This trick is also referred to by the name "Doomjump" by some, but there is controversy with naming it this way.